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The judging system for Veritas has been described as one of the most thorough in the industry.  Judging panels are representative of the entire wine industry and include winemakers, researchers, academics and merchants and are compiled in collaboration with the relevant cultivar work groups.

All the judges are required to have a wine judging certificate from the University of Stellenbosch, a Cape Wine Masters Diploma or a similar accreditation.

Wines are tasted blind by panels that consist of seven experts judging ten wines at a time.  The wines are then thoroughly discussed and scores are awarded according to the international 20-point scale, with discussion and consensus.

A double gold medal is awarded through a consensus decision by the panel if the wine scores 18 or more out of 20.  Gold is awarded when a wine notches-up 17 points, a silver sticker will go on a bottle of wine if the wine scored 16 points, while bronze medals go to wines that scored 15 points.

The integrity of Veritas’ judges is undisputable and the whole judging process is audited through independent auditors.

Dry White (1)
 Danie Marais
Pieter Carstens
Elzette du Preez
Diaan de Villiers
Lorraine Geldenhuys
Naudé Bruwer
Jacques Steyn

Dry White(2)
Christo Pienaar
Alwyn maass
Bussel Retief
Tania Kleintjies
Francois October
Tom Blok
Juan Slabbert

Chenin Blanc
Lizelle Gerber
Albertus Louw
Jacques Erasmus
Altus le Roux
Bongi Sodladla
Gert Boerssen
Johan Larsson (Sweden)

Sauvignon Blanc
Thys Louw
Kobus Gerber
Sanmarie Smith
RJ Botha
Nicolaas Rust
Danelle Conradie
Johan Larsson (Sweden)

Frans Smit
Eugene van Zyl
Izéle van Blerk
Stephan Joubert
Ivan Oertle
Dumisani Mathonsi
Paul White (Nieu Zeeland)

NLH, SLH, Natural Sweet White
Dave Hughes
Colin Frith
Brad Gold
Brenda Thiart
Rianco van Rooyen
De Wet Viljoen
Thomas Luber (Germany)

Dry Red
Susan Erasmus
Tinnie Momberg
Samantha Morney-Hughes
Hennie Huskisson
Hattingh de Villiers
Elsa Carstens
Janöke Johanssen (Sweden)

Danielle le Roux
Martin Moore
Elona Hesseling
Kristina Beuthner
Cornea Cilliers
Hugo Truter
Charl Myburgh

Cabernet Sauvignon
Johan Jordaan
Corlea Fourie
Bertho van der Westhuyzen
Niel Bester
Louis Strydom
Dawie Botha
Richard Rowe (Ausralia)

Andries Blake
Abrie Beeslaar
Len Knoetze
Debbie Thompson
Etienne Louw
Nomonde Kubheka
Thomas Luber (Germay)

Dewaldt Heyns
Nico Vermeulen
Paul Benade
Edmund Terblanche
Sandra Lotz
Rianie Strydom
Lynne Sherriff (UK)

Other Red Cultivars
Dave Hughes
Colin Frith
Johann Fourie
Christine Rudman
Jan van Rooyen
Wilhelm Pienaar
Linley Schultz

Pinot Noir
Andries Burger
Andy Roediger
Conrad Vlok
Werner Muller
Mari-Lou Nash
Tariro Masayati
Paul White (Nieu Zeeland)

Dave Hughes
Christine Rudman
Colin Frith
Raymond Noppé
Meryl Weaver
Winnie Bowman
Karl Lambour

Desert Wine
Henri Swiegers
Nico Grundling
André Scriven
Cerina van Niekerk
Gert van Deventer
Louwritz Louw
Nina-Mari Bruwer

Sparkling Wine
Jeff Grier
Elunda Basson
Philip Jonker
Heidi Rosenthal Duminy
Christiaan Coetzee
Heinrich Kulsen
Lynne Sherriff (UK)
Thomas Luber (Germany)

Duimpie Bayly
Bennie Howard
Charles Hopkins
Lynne Sheriff
Richard Rowe
Irina von Holdt
Winnie Bowman

Dave Hughes
Denis Lahouratate
Brink Liebenberg
Pieter de Bod
Andy Roediger
Winnie Bowman
Derek Ramsden


Dates to Diarise

  • Closing date for entries
    10 August 2016
  • Start of Judging
    6 - 9 Sept 2016
  • Awards Ceremony
    07 October 2016
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